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Accessing and Using the Scambaiter Panel

How to access the Scambaiter Panel

  • Login Normally
  • Click on “NorthWatch Investments” in the footer
  • Login again, but be sure to use the Scambaiter Password that you set when you created your account. If you created your account prior to May of 2020, it is possible that you didn’t set a Scambaiter Password upon account creation. If this is the case, use your normal account password for accessing the scambaiter panel.

Here is an image showing the process:


You can also access the scambaiter panel login directly by doing to

Parts of the Scambaiter Panel

You can configure these different options from the Scambaiter Panel. Use the sidebar links to go to these diffrent sections.

Bank Accounts

You can edit the title and balance of your bank accounts by going to the Bank Accounts page, and clicking on edit. If you have NorthWatch PRO, you can add and delete bank accounts, and you can have up to 9 of them.


The IP/Logins page shows the IP address of each login to NorthWatch. It doesn’t show the IPs of individual pages, just the login and scambaiter pages. If you have PRO, it shows the full user agent of the login. There is also an “IP Lookup” at the last column of every row. Clicking it will open a lookup of that IP in a new tab on the website, but please note that NorthWatch isn’t assosiated with


The scambaiter panel allows you to access the NorthWatch Forums, you can read the Forums documentation here.

Open Source Documentation for NorthWatch Bank, the Fake Bank for refund scambaiting. You can contribute to the documentation on GitHub ( Thanks to GitHub Pages for hosting the NorthWatch Docs!